Long-Term Volunteer Program

The AMA Volunteer Program is an option for service-oriented young professionals who are willing to offer a year or two of service by teaching or engaging in community work in the different Assumption communities and apostolic ministries of the Church throughout the country. Their main apostolate is the education and formation of the poor and the young.

Here volunteer under go formation and training before getting sent to the mission areas

The program provides the following:

Orientation and Skills Training Seminar and Retreat (10-14 days) 
The seminar aims to equip the volunteer with the necessary knowledge, skills, value orientation, and spirituality for competent and committed service to the areas/communities they are assigned to.
Mid-Year Evaluation Seminar and Retreat (7 days) is aimed at giving the volunteers the opportunity to reflect upon their experiences and review their growth areas. Apart from this, these sessions give them the opportunity for faith reflection.

Year-End Evaluation Seminar and Retreat (7 days) is aimed at evaluating the one year of experiences of the volunteers and assist them in the integration of their learnings and realizations into a commitment to a way of life in the Church. Besides serving this as a closure, it also prepares them for their return to social structure they had been separated from (their families and friends).

Regional Fellowship (3 days each, 2 times a year) 
These gatherings are designed for the volunteers in each geographical region. During these gatherings, the volunteers are given the opportunity to share their concerns and difficulties in their work areas. The gathering as serves as a time to rest and re-energize.

Regular Visits and Dialogue by the Program Staff 
The aim of these visits is to monitor the progress of the volunteers in their service areas as well as their faith journey. It is also gives the program an opportunity to dialogue with area supervisors regarding the formation and work performance of the volunteers.

The program also tries to provide logistical support to the volunteers through housing and monthly allowances.