Life in Madrangca

By: Maximo Escribano, Julie Gella, Alix de Leffe and Eleanor Margetts

There in Madrangca, where the lizards are white,
Aswangs roam around, and the mosquitoes bite.
Here, our community finds a good place to stay,
At the table we eat, on the beach we play.

Even when Max forgets his wallet and phone,
We know that someone will always be home.
In the evening we talk; in the nights we pray,
Here is a place we are happy to stay.

Sometimes the spiders will give us a fright,
And it's difficult to catch a trike at night.
Even without the loud sounds of the band,
Or languages are still difficult to understand.
Ano? Beth? Quoi? Que?

It's a pleasure to live in the place of Miss Ceci,
Even if we leave the house a bit messy. (gamay lang)
It's fun to sit and watch the dogs play,
And have someone to listen, no matter what we say.
Thanks to the kindness and good food of Dadang,
We have great bonds with the rest of the gang.

As long as we keep doing our tasks right on time,
Everything will surely be just fine.
If we just remember to turn off the light,
Our volunteer year will be alright!