Alumni Relations

The alumni community has continued to be a support group, a praying community and has provided human and material resources to the volunteer program.
The alumni, as members of the board oversee the implementation of the program and the sustainability of the organization. Each Board of Trustees member heads or supports a committee that is directly involved in the operation of the AVP.


Other alumni assist the AVP by facilitating recruitment talks, designing and facilitating formation modules and giving logistical support to the program during gatherings. The alumni fund raise every year for the AVP.




Retreats and Recollections for the Young (RRY)

AMA Alumni receive invitations to provide retreats and recollections from different schools, parishes, and youth groups. The participants come from various sectors such as Assumption students, youth groups, office employees, and laity. Retreats and Recollections are conducted upon invitation. In one year, the average number of participants to these retreats is approximately 200.

Short-term Volunteer Program

The Short-term Volunteer Program is offered to locals and foreigners who wish to immerse themselves in the realities of poor communities. These volunteers, most of who come from communities where the Assumption is present, give 2 weeks to 6 months serving in local institutions, NGOs, and parishes.


Long-Term Volunteer Program

The AMA Volunteer Program is an option for service-oriented young professionals who are willing to offer a year or two of service by teaching or engaging in community work in the different Assumption communities and apostolic ministries of the Church throughout the country. Their main apostolate is the education and formation of the poor and the young.

Here volunteer under go formation and training before getting sent to the mission areas

The program provides the following: